Unfortunately, nothing is made to last forever, and that includes many of the features of your home. Through age, wear and tear and extreme weather, even a new home could show signs of damage and deterioration relatively soon. It is important that you repair any damages as soon as possible so that it does not lead to more serious issues

When you are in and out of your home every day, you may miss some of the signs that show that your home may be in desperate need of repairs. So as building repair experts in Christchurch, we thought we’d supply you with a list of some of the obvious warning signs.

Windows And Doors Cannot Be Closed Properly

Windows and doors not closing can be highly annoying and a security issue! It could be that the window frames or doors have become swollen or may be an indicator of more serious structural issues.

Sagging Roofs And Leaks

When you notice any leak or your roof is sagging, it is time to invest in building repairs. Leaks can cause water damage to other areas of your home, so it is crucial that they’re taken care of.

Termites And Borers

If you notice any termites or borers in your home, it is almost guaranteed that they have caused some damage to various wooden structures in your home. It should definitely be checked out by professionals.


Cracks in your walls and ceilings are usually an indicator of something wrong with your home or foundation. On top of that, cracks can look terrible and be an eyesore.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors can lead to trips and falls and be very dangerous. They should be fixed as they may also indicate issues with your foundations.


If you notice that corners of your home are very damp to the point that they are moist, you should get that inspected as this moisture will eat away at your walls and floors.

Rotting Timber

Rotting or crumbling timber is highly problematic and can cause major structural issues. This timber should be replaced as soon as possible.

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When it comes to selling your home and getting the price you want for it, property inspections are crucial! A property inspection will give peace of mind to prospective buyers and reassure them that your home is worth its market value. No one wants to buy a property only to be met with a long list of nasty surprises and damages.

When getting your home ready to sell, you may have to undergo multiple property inspections. If you want positive results, it is best that you are prepared for them. As experts in Christchurch property inspections, here are some helpful tips to prepare for your property inspection.

Ensure You Don’t Have any Major Issues

Before the inspection, you should do your own mini inspection yourself and ensure that there are no major issues, including uneven flooring, cracks, leaks, doors that won’t close, etc. Make a list of all the repair work you need done.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent For Advice

Your real estate agent will know a lot about property inspection! Ask if they have any advice for you and what you can do in preparation.

Make Repairs Ahead Of Time

You should make all major and minor repairs to your home well ahead of the date for inspection. You don’t want the inspector to come amid messy repairs as it will not fare well on their inspection checklist.

Declutter And Clean

First impressions are important, and you also don’t want the property inspector to be tripping over things lying around the house. Make sure that your home is clean and clutter-free so that the inspector’s job is easier and the inspection takes place quicker.

Everything Should Be Operational

Before the inspector comes, ensure that your home has electricity, running water and that the HVAC systems are working. Even if no one is living in the home at the moment, everything must be in working order.

Give The Inspector Enough Time

Ensure that you set aside enough time for the inspector to carry out the full inspection. Do not rush them! You can even leave the property for a while if you need to so that they can do their job in peace.

Do Not Try To Hide Any Issues

Whatever you do, do not try to hide any issues! Any issues will be found, and it will only make you look dodgy.

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If you have an older home, you may find that certain features are somewhat outdated and impractical for modern living. Parts of your home may also need a major repair. You have a few options available to you if this is the case. You could go for a modern renovation, a total knock down rebuild, or a restoration.

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One of the first and most important challenges when planning a home build is choosing the builder and designer. There are many criteria such as quality, reliability, awards, trust and reputation that are all important to investigate. However, the most critical aspect is to make sure your Christchurch builder is a member of the Registered Master Builders Association of New Zealand.

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As the pandemic taught us how to use technology to get the job done, the same trend developed in the construction industry. This year, a few innovations in the construction industry have helped construction companies in Christchurch become more efficient and modernised. Let’s take a look at three innovations that will make your construction project smooth sailing.

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There are multiple reasons why you’d need a house check in Christchurch. Besides just ensuring the house is in good working order, some of these reasons could be to inspect a house before purchasing it to ensure you are getting what you are paying for, insurance inspections on your own house when applying for a claim, maintenance checks which will highlight where a house needs to be fixed, and EQC repair reporting for advice on how to make a home earthquake ready.

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Although construction companies may take maximum care to ensure that instalments are durable and long-lasting, renovations and inspections are sometimes needed to make sure that everything is still safe and in working order. Hard to reach spaces are challenging to inspect and may contain cavity critters in the Christchurch area. These can be quickly and safely evacuated to ensure your home is safe and damage-free.

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