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Preparing Your Home For A Property Inspection

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

When it comes to selling your home and getting the price you want for it, property inspections are crucial! A property inspection will give peace of mind to prospective buyers and reassure them that your home is worth its market value. No one wants to buy a property only to be met with a long list of nasty surprises and damages.

When getting your home ready to sell, you may have to undergo multiple property inspections. If you want positive results, it is best that you are prepared for them. As experts in Christchurch property inspections, here are some helpful tips to prepare for your property inspection.

Ensure You Don’t Have any Major Issues

Before the inspection, you should do your own mini inspection yourself and ensure that there are no major issues, including uneven flooring, cracks, leaks, doors that won’t close, etc. Make a list of all the repair work you need done.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent For Advice

Your real estate agent will know a lot about property inspection! Ask if they have any advice for you and what you can do in preparation.

Make Repairs Ahead Of Time

You should make all major and minor repairs to your home well ahead of the date for inspection. You don’t want the inspector to come amid messy repairs as it will not fare well on their inspection checklist.

Declutter And Clean

First impressions are important, and you also don’t want the property inspector to be tripping over things lying around the house. Make sure that your home is clean and clutter-free so that the inspector’s job is easier and the inspection takes place quicker.

Everything Should Be Operational

Before the inspector comes, ensure that your home has electricity, running water and that the HVAC systems are working. Even if no one is living in the home at the moment, everything must be in working order.

Give The Inspector Enough Time

Ensure that you set aside enough time for the inspector to carry out the full inspection. Do not rush them! You can even leave the property for a while if you need to so that they can do their job in peace.

Do Not Try To Hide Any Issues

Whatever you do, do not try to hide any issues! Any issues will be found, and it will only make you look dodgy.

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