Cavity Critters In Christchurch Can Compromise Structural Integrity

Although construction companies may take maximum care to ensure that instalments are durable and long-lasting, renovations and inspections are sometimes needed to make sure that everything is still safe and in working order. Hard to reach spaces are challenging to inspect and may contain cavity critters in the Christchurch area. These can be quickly and safely evacuated to ensure your home is safe and damage-free.

Underfloor Inspections

Many homes, especially if they are older, have underfloor cavities that provide circulation and possible storage space. If this is the case for you, an underfloor inspection every few years is advisable. This inspection can be done using video data, therefore reducing the need for personnel in the space and increasing the safety and efficiency of the procedure. Inspectors can examine the state of wooden reinforcements, foundations and other home instalments such as piping or electrical systems.

Roof And Ceiling Inspections

The inner roof or ceiling can often be damaged by water or animals colonising the area. Therefore, it is important to check these spaces in order to prevent permanent damage before it occurs. This will save you money in the long run, as repairing mildly damaged installations will be cheaper than replacing the area. A comprehensive inspection of the entire inner roof space should be done using image mapping and personnel if needed. If the crawl space of the ceiling or roof cannot be accessed from the house’s interior, an exterior entrance may be required. This requires professionals who are familiar with the procedure.

Floor Level And Earthquakes

Since New Zealand is at risk of earthquakes, it is vital to ensure your home is resistant to seismic activity. A floor level report can shed light on how well your home has withstood previous and will withstand future earthquakes. If the floor is not level, this can be an indicator that it has been affected by earthquakes in the past and may help you to receive a government claim to reinforce your home against future earthquakes. Once again, this requires a specialised machine and a trained professional.

If you think you have a cavity critter in your Christchurch home or building or need an inspection, contact us at Character Builders for quality services!