Historical Home Restoration

Historical Home Restoration

The Character Builders team are passionate about finding a way to preserve history and nostalgia in beautiful old homes. They don’t see problems, they see exciting challenges to find a way to make an old Home Restoration like new again.

Historical Homestead Restoration


Recently the team completed restoration of a late 1800s home that most people would rip it down because it looked too far gone. It did seem a little daunting with such an expansive home to achieve the owner’s heartfelt brief… “restore as new”! The owners were determined to hold onto the history and nostalgia of their family home. The building’s many quirks and colonial flare had considerable sentimental value to these owners who were passionate about their generational home and determined to hold on to its history and nostalgia.

Villa Restoration

One of the many challenges was to retain the damaged, Victorian artisan, hand decorated, lathe and plaster interior walls.  The once beautiful walls were damaged almost beyond repair from earthquake damage. The Character Builders team with a strong “can do” attitude managed to source the right tradesmen and technology to get the job done.


When you examine the near-perfect finish of these beautifully restored walls today and you’d be amazed what can be achieved. We carefully scrubbed away 14 decades of tarnish and discolouration and then systematically trowelled in a tinted epoxy resin to bind it all together. Once this stage was completed the team followed with a fine sanded finish and lacquer surface.

Window Restoration

This beautiful home is truly is as new once more and ready for many years of happy family living. This is the work that makes us so proud of our team and the work we do at Character Builders and gives you to confidence to know that we will do everything it takes on your project as well.