Reasons To Get A House Check In Christchurch

There are multiple reasons why you’d need a house check in Christchurch. Besides just ensuring the house is in good working order, some of these reasons could be to inspect a house before purchasing it to ensure you are getting what you are paying for, insurance inspections on your own house when applying for a claim, maintenance checks which will highlight where a house needs to be fixed, and EQC repair reporting for advice on how to make a home earthquake ready.

Pre Purchase House Checks

Oftentimes, a person will be looking for a new home and find one they really like at an insanely good price. They will then purchase this house and only realise a few months or years down the line that it has multiple structural and maintenance problems that were not disclosed when it was marketed for sale. The new homeowner will then have to pay large sums of money to get their house fixed, which may not be worth all their time and effort.

To stop this from happening to you, it is advised that a professional be hired to do a check of the house before you buy it for any structural or maintenance problems. You will then be able to make an educated decision on whether the house is worth buying.

Checks On Your Own House

Some aspects of a house are less durable than others and become worn and nonfunctional over time due to weather and age. Once these aspects break, they can cause large problems in your house that may be very costly to fix and require time and effort.

A better option is to employ a building professional to conduct routine checks of the structures and installations of the house to see if anything is starting to become worn or will soon break. This way, you can budget for and replace parts before they can potentially cause more damage.

Another reason to get a house check is natural disasters. Christchurch is susceptible to earthquakes and floods, which cause extensive damage to houses. A professional can do a house check to gauge the extent of the damage to assist in your insurance claim to rebuild or repair.

If you would like a house check in Christchurch, contact us at Character Builders for excellent service and professional advice.