Steps For Building A House In Christchurch

Building a house can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time and you are untrained in any building techniques. Luckily, Character Builders ‒ your go-to builders in Christchurch ‒ have the expertise to help you through the building process. Breaking down the procedure to building a house into smaller steps makes the task seem a lot more achievable. Here’s what to expect.

Initial Steps To Building A House

Firstly, plans need to be drawn up by an architect to make sure the home will be structurally sound and safe. Then, these will need to be submitted as part of the application to building consent authorities for building consent to assure it meets the New Zealand Building Code and complies with other requirements such as district planning rules and council bylaws. 

Once consent is issued, the site work can commence. This includes clearing the land, levelling the ground, pouring foundations, rough framing, plumbing and electrical, roof trusses, and interior wall frames. 

Secondary Steps To Building A House

After the initial construction is complete, secondary plumbing, electrical wiring, air conditioning and alarm systems can be installed. Thereafter, the house will be insulated using various materials, such as foam and fibreglass, and drywall will be hung and taped. 

Next, interior finishes and fixtures will commence, such as painting, built-in cabinetry in the kitchens, bedrooms and bedrooms, and installing necessities like doors, toilets, sinks and showers. 

The builders’ focus then shifts to exterior finishings, for example, sidings. Since up to this point, there would have been heavy equipment, building material and rubble outside the house and on the construction site, doing exterior landscaping would have been impossible. Now that all of this can be cleared, driveways, garden features, landscaping, pools and outdoor entertainment spaces can be constructed. When all is complete, a final check will need to be done to ensure the house complies with the Building Code. 

Now that you know what to expect, if you would like to build your dream home, contact the best builders in Christchurch – Character Builders –  for step by step expertise and service throughout the process.