The Top Innovative Construction Technology Trends Of 2022

As the pandemic taught us how to use technology to get the job done, the same trend developed in the construction industry. This year, a few innovations in the construction industry have helped construction companies in Christchurch become more efficient and modernised. Let’s take a look at three innovations that will make your construction project smooth sailing.

  1. Smart Contracts – Blockchain Technology

One thing that makes clients anxious is the time it takes to complete a construction job. A big part of a build is the contracts that need to be sorted before starting. Smart contracts allow firms to buy, track and pay for services on a shared system. It also has an all-in-one tracking system for deadlines and building rules. This new invention is called “blockchain technology”, and most builders agree that it is a much more secure and fast-paced method than the systems used before.

  1. Construction Drones – The Fastest Growing Construction Trend

Since the creation of drones, people have purchased them for many personal and business reasons. Drones have been one of the biggest rising trends in the construction industry, with a reported rise of 239% over a year. They are used to create valuable imagery of large site maps, and companies even use drones to create aerial heat maps and thermal images. Drones use advanced software that allows contractors to access real-time data, which helps with situations where instant decisions need to be made.

Beyond taking images, drones can also do specific jobs that humans usually perform. Previously, a human would have to scale a large building and risk injury. Companies can now use a drone to scale these large structures in less time, with more precision and safety.

  1. Augmented Reality Interface – Used On A Mobile Device

Augmented reality is well-known in the gaming industry but has also become a must-have for construction. For those unsure what AR is, it is an interactive experience that allows clients to experience a natural world environment that a computer has created. It is a computerised, 3d version of, for example, a home that you are constructing. Clients can now see what their home will look like before it has been completed.

The benefits of AR technology for builders:

  • Automated measuring instruments that contractors can use for buildings
  • 3D representations of current and future projects
  • Simulations of changes to structure or design
  • Building information modelling (BIM)

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