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Character New Builds

Are you after a classical look, but needing the perfomance and benefits of today's materials?

Character Builders are your specialists in creating the home of yesteryear, but with the modern performance and efficiency you need to stay warm, and comfortable! Since 2002 we have created a number of these homes that grace the Canterbury landscape today.

Energy efficiency and comfort can be achieved in many ways with todays materials and technology.

Double glazing, thermo efficient window frames, floor and wall details along with mechanisms to store and shift natural heat around your home are all options that can be incorporated into your ‘old’ home!

In most cases the impact of systems and materials has little effect on the appearance of your home, resulting in compelling replicas of homes from yesteryear.

Define your age, style and look...

We can replicate the detail as much or as little as you wish

Character New Builds are based around the specifications and styles defined by various eras, with the level of detail and match a decision up to you.
Some people look for the exact match, right down to the last cornice, or door handle, while others match only to the overall style of weatherboards and window detail!

We will work with you to determine how to best realise your vision, and priorities, ensuring you

experience the maximum benefits, both now and in the long term.

"Thank you so much so far for your hard working and competent team. I have been very impressed with the communication, experience and back-up support your company offers. "


Planning on building a Character Style Home?

We can meet with you to discuss your concept within 48 hours