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Renovations & Alterations

Are you looking to add that extra to your home, restore its features or enhancing it's appearance and function, for you and your family?

From historic cottages of the late 1800s, turn of the century Villas, to contemporary 1970s homes, and the new century modern day construction, we have significant experience in all forms of restoration and renovation. Character Builders specialise in renovations of any scale and style, with dynamic teams of builders adept at tackling the challenges of restoration and renovation.

20 Years Experience

With over 20 years of renovation work, we have developed a solid reputation for getting the details right.

Some years ago, Character Builders coined the term “Sympathetic Restoration”. It’s what we love to achieve and not that difficult when you know what you’re looking for.
We want to walk away from your home extension or alteration with barely a trace of it having been changed, where the demarcation between the old and the new is not obvious, it’s “sympathetic” and knits in naturally and completely in a way that is authentic and discreet.

Every situation is unique

Of course, every situation calls for a different approach, and you might be a person who enjoys the juxtaposition of old and new…well this is a challenge we love too, it’s all in the planning, the communication, and the workmanship.

Come to us with your ideas, no matter how loose or well formulated, and we will connect you with our design personnel to explore the options and prepare your plans.

Adaptable and flexible

You may even have your own designer, or completed plans – we are very happy to start from this point, work through the process of pricing, provide you a fixed price contract and assist you through the various stages of preparation and construction.

Whatever your building needs; from small repairs and modifications, through to large scale alterations and restoration, Character Builders are right for your renovation or restoration project.

01 - Whole House Renovations

At Character Builders, whole house renovations are our specialty, including if you want to restore an older property to its former glory while also making it compliant with modern building, health, and environmental standards.

We can help with all aspects of the project, too, from planning and the preparation of drawings to the construction work to adding the finishing touches. Get in touch today to find out more.

02 - Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

We can help if you want to renovate your kitchen or one of your bathrooms too. Whatever style or features you want, we have the expertise you are looking for.

Alterations in Christchurch

Altering the layout of your house can transform it, making it more suitable for your needs, enhancing the appearance, and improving the flow. To discuss the alterations that you are planning on your Christchurch house, please give us a call today. We’d love the opportunity to provide you with a quote.

Extensions in Christchurch

We can also build an extension on your home to provide you with additional rooms and to increase the overall floorspace. Whether you are looking for a front, side, or rear extension, get in touch with us at Character Builders.

Building Repairs in Christchurch

If you are looking for building repairs in Christchurch, we can help with this requirement too. We complete repairs of all types and for a range of reasons, including repairs that are required because of wear and tear over time, as well as repairs that are required because of damage. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and to get a quote for the repair work.

"The Project Manager was always available to answer any queries we had and kept us well informed as the work progressed. We always felt like we were working with a quality team..."


Needing an assessment of your home before starting planning?

If you need an inspection to be able to start renovation planning and design then call us now for immediate inspection and report