Moving a house to a new site





Time To Complete

4-6 Months



The Riverlaw terrace project came about by accident really!
It was a home in St Albans on damaged ground and therefore ‘uneconomic’ to repair.

…so Character Builders said, “we’ll take it away!”

Moving a full size 30 ton house across town, up onto a raised site, and right beside a river, certainly has its complications; it had to be cut in two to even fit on the road!
And actually the house didn’t really work for the new site because it faced 90 degrees in the wrong direction…

No matter! We removed the front, transported to site in two pieces, then stitched it all back together the other way round …and it worked perfectly!

Now having completed the project with all it’s character detailing and finish; the home is a remarkable example of what Character Builders is all about – Sympathetic restoration…you cannot even tell what we’ve done, and it looks like it’s always been there!

Structural Strengthening

Earthquake strengthening and repairs