Moving a house to a new site

The Riverlaw terrace project came about by accident really! It was a home in St Albans on damaged ground and therefore ‘uneconomic’ to repair. …so Character Builders said, “we’ll take it away!” Moving a full size 30 ton house across town, up onto a raised site, and right beside a river, certainly has its complications; […]

Character New Builds

Character New Builds are specifically designed for your needs and style, whether it’s an older style you’re looking for, or a modern architectural design. Our building team have significant experience in working across the full scope of residential building design, and ensuring clients Character Builders are well set up to help you create the new […]

Small new build projects

Character Builder do not only build new homes but we also focus on the smaller projects around your home, From wood sheds to timber decks, pergola’ and different style gararages. We can assist you with the design, council applications, project management and all the details until sign off.